Timbuktu Resource and Learning Center

Who We Are

The Timbuktu Resource Center & Learning Academy is an independent, not-for-profit research organization that provides hands on resources to meet the information needs of organizations concerned with public policy issues, community needs, and the quality of life as it relates to eradicating hunger and conservation of land resources through the use of agricultural methods.

What We Do

The Timbuktu Resource Center collaborates to implement programs, policies and practices that:

Our Approach

The Timbuktu Resource Center has a specific focus and approach, grounded on four principles:

Our Partners

Timbuktu has convened a diverse set of community stakeholders. Presently, representatives from the following educational institutions and public and private agencies are active participatens in the formulation of Timbuktu's Strategies:

A Full Prospectus / Presentation is available upon request.